Find God and Ask Him

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Why do you follow Religion instead God? Why don’t you follow God instead Religion? Do you think that the Religion leads us to God? But in some cases we are going far-off from God by walking on the path of religion, do you know how? By collecting narrowness in your mind. Do you know how you collect negativity in your mind by following Religion?postI would like to give you some examples how we collect negativities in us by followign Religion. Please keep reading my posts. I will be with you.

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Concentration to Meditation

When we are ready for Meditation, we should have started our eternal journey from Concentration. Concentration means Focus of Mind. It’s like a practice to reign one’s mind. Why Concentration is necessary? Because this is the fundamental of Meditation. How is Concentration Practice done? There are some very effective ways for Concentration. Before that let’s try to know Few Simple Things-

Our mind is an ocean from where bubbles of thought evaporates, thousands in number. Around forty thousand in a day. A practice or exercise to Diminish this number in a count-down way is a practice for Concentration. The number of thoughts should be 30 thousand, again 20 and should come down to 10 thousand and likewise, the number of thoughts in a day should come down from one thousand. Nothing but Concentration Practice will help you.

You Can See God

  1. I remember a story – an elephant and five blind people. The blind people examined the elephant and gave out their opinion about the elephant. They did not see the Elephant but touched with their hand, may be smelt, even tasted. Whatever- but their opinions were contradictory. I don’t know why? Do you think why?                                                                            I conceived as- the Elephant was God and the blind people were nobody but Religions. They named God in different ways or they explained God in their own way. Some said God is dusty, some said God is salty, some said tall, some piercing. I am extremely sorry if I hurt you by comparing Religions with the blind people. But still I request you not to go away. They were blind people, you are not. Could you please open your eyes and see God? I will tell you how. Please keep reading.
  2. Do you want to see God? You Can See God. Or do you like to follow the statements given out by the blind person. I mean Don’t you want to see God by yourself? At least once in your life? If you are ready to see God, you will find Him, I swear. Could you please keep reading my stuffs?

The best Yoga is Meditation. I will tell you all and everything later. See you soon!

You Can See God


Please do not believe even a word I say, whatever I am going to share here is just my personal experience. Take them as an example or try to establish the truth upon them by yourself. It is sure, after you examine them, you will be anxious to share your views, too. You can just test them. Universal truth is what I want to talk about. Do we follow GOD or Religion? We follow Religion. By Religion I am Hindu, He is Buddhist, She is Christian, You are Muslim, and they are Sikhs. We always say- God is one. In every holy book, it is mentioned that God is one, none to second, though we find Him in thousand and thousand forms, by thousand and thousand names.